Production Credits


Principal Investigator:  John Kappelman, PhD

Project Manager:  Adrienne Witzel

Current Contributors:  Claud Bramblett, Chrisopher Davis, and Sissi Janet Mattox


– Project Managers: Lauri Martin, Phd (2009)
– Project Researchers: Summer Klein, Chris Lamb (Programmer and CSS, 2007), Rachel Menegaz, Nick Morgan, Sophia Salgado, and Christyna Solhan

Special Thanks:  Wiley Akins for his unwavering patience and precision with the animations, Matt Colbert and everyone at the University of Texas High-Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography Facility.


LAITS Production Credits

Project Producer: Joe TenBarge, Assistant Dean

LAITS Web Developers: Chris Pittman and Stacy Vlasits | Peter Keane (2007)

Programming/ CSS Designer: Audric Ganser, Ben Liu, and Erica Ndubuze | Stuart Ross (2007)

Art Direction & Graphic Design: Suloni Robertson

Illustrators: Student Technology Assistant: Valerie Lopez, Marissa Kopatic (2007)

Visual Design Student Technology Assistants: Tuan Tang